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2.2. Setting Up CBOLD

To set up CBOLD, it is best to first compile and run an existing design. Proceed as follows:

1. Install and become familiar with your C++ compiler.

2. Download the CBOLD Support Tools (optional):

pt_to_h[.exe] This executable is typically placed in the parts subdirectory, where it can be run by the makeparts script.
auto_reg[.exe] This executable may be placed in any subdirectory that is in your path.

3. Download the CBOLD framework source files.

4. Place the downloaded files in a directory tree that looks like this:

/cbold this directory contains all CBOLD source files and all design directories
   /parts this directory contains all part header files
   /skeleton this directory contains the skeleton example design
   /output/skeleton output of the skeleton design will be written to this directory
   cb_base.h CBOLD source file
   cb_base.cpp CBOLD source file
   ... all other CBOLD source files

5. If necessary to generate part header files, run the makeparts script in the parts directory. For Linux®, the script is named makeparts. For Windows®, the script is named makeparts.bat. The makeparts script will generate one .h file for each .pt file in the parts directory. For makeparts to function properly, the executable pt_to_h[.exe] must be in the current path.

6. Be sure your compiler's include path contains /cbold;/cbold/parts;/cbold/skeleton.

7. Compile all the .cpp files in the cbold and skeleton directories, and link them into a single console executable. A make/gcc Makefile for the skeleton design can be found in the skeleton subdirectory.

8. Run the executable.

The program outputs text like the following to the console:

Registering.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Assigning reference designators.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Connecting.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Post-Connecting.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Creating CAD netlists.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Creating bill of materials.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Creating symbolic netlist.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Creating netlist dump.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Creating database dump.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Total elapsed time: 0 s.

Total nonconforming port ranges: 0.
Total non-wired PinSpecs:  0.
Total single-node nets:  0.
Total PinSpecs in no-connect net:  0.
Total Nets:  2.

Press Enter to continue.

The program also creates several files, including a CAD netlist (for PCB layout), a bill of materials, an HTML symbolic netlist suitable for publishing on the World Wide Web, etc. These files are created in the /output/skeleton subdirectory.


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