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2.5. Design Structure

The diagram below illustrates the structure of a CBOLD design.


The blocks with rounded corners are modules. The labels in the blocks are module type names, not instance names. For clarity, the internal details of CM_Subsystem2 and CM_Subsystem3 have been omitted. Likewise, the internal connections and member parts and/or modules of CM_Wibble and CM_Wobble are not shown.

CM_Root is the highest level module in a design. It typically has one or more member modules and no member ports. CM_Root's member modules are called subsystems. Except for their special location within the design hierarchy, subsystems are no different from any other modules. Likewise, the interfaces between the subsystems are no different from other bundles, except they are members of subsystems.

The main() function instantiates CM_Root as Root and then performs several operations on Root. Some of these operations, such as registering and connecting, are mandatory. Others, such as creating output files, are optional. In general, there is little need to modify main(), except to add/remove desired/undesired operations.


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