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8.3. Designator Text Files

TModule::WriteReferenceDesignators() writes a text file listing the reference designators of all of the parts contained within the module's member hierarchy. Such a file is called a designator text file. The information for each part in the module appears on a separate line. The format of each line is shown in the example below:

part symbolic path Base Prefix Number
ClockGeneration.NoisyPLD.Cpld CG U 1

The example line states that the reference designator for part ClockGeneration.NoisyPLD.Cpld is CGU1.

When a part has no reference Base, the Base field is set to the value of the NoBaseString constant, e.g., "<none>". NoBaseString is defined in cb_user_pref.h. Only the Base field may contain this string.

In main(), a call to ReadReferenceDesignators() reads in a file of this same format (including NoBaseString when there is no reference Base) prior to the automatic assignment of any reference designators. For each part listed in the file, AssignReferenceDesignators() will use the designator specified by the file rather than an automatically assigned designator.

If ReadReferenceDesignators() cannot open the designator text file, the CBOLD framework proceeds as though the call to ReadReferenceDesignators() had not been made.

Designator text files are also discussed in Engineering Change Orders.


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