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1.2. Conventions and Typography

Links to entries in the CBOLD Glossary have distinctive formatting. For example, postprocessing.

Part text files and C++ source code are formatted as in this example:

#include "ad1580.h"                         // include part header files
class CM_ExComparator : public TModule {    // example comparator
  port VCC;
  port GND;
  port OUT;
  port THRESHOLD;                           // AR_BUS(7,0)  8-bit digital threshold
  CP_AD1580    Reference;                   // 1.225V voltage reference

  virtual void Connect() {                  // your browser must have JavaScript enabled to see this line's hint
    VCC   << Amp.VPP;
    GND   << Amp.VNN << Reference.VNN;
    OUT   << Amp.OUT;
    "/NC"   << Reference.NC;
    "V_REF" << Reference.VPP ^ Rb ^ VCC;    // reference is biased by Rb

An ellipsis (...) within source code text indicates that some source code was omitted. The omission is typically made to improve the readability of example source code. Ellipses are occasionally used within console output for similar purposes.

Console output is formatted as in this example:

Registering.... Elapsed time: 0 s.
Connecting.... Elapsed time: 1 s.
Total Nets:  2211.
Press Enter to continue.

Pop-up hints on this site are Tigra Hints by Softcomplex.


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